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Executive Compensation & Board Compensation


Our work in executive compensation is principally focused on ensuring that each client's executive compensation program is aligned with the client's strategy and financial and operational plans. We strive to develop comprehensive compensation programs that are reasonable, competitive, equitable and performance-oriented, and that encourage executives to make decisions that are in the best interests of shareholders. A goal of our work is to have the compensation programs we develop serve to increase shareholder value over the short- and long-terms.

The services we offer include:

  • Compensation philosophy

  • Peer group development

  • Total executive compensation strategy and specific compensation elements

    • Base salary planning and administration

    • Annual incentive plan design and development

    • Long-term incentive plan design and development (cash and equity)

    • Identification of performance measures, goals and funding formulas for all forms of incentive compensation

    • Equity ownership and holding requirements

    • Competitive employee benefit levels

    • Perquisites reviews

    • Severance and change of control policies and programs

    • Executive retention programs

    • Employment agreements/separation agreements

      • Policy guidance

      • Term sheets

      • Negotiation assistance

      • Assistance in, and review of, agreements/contracts

    • Compensation program risk assessment

  • Interface with ISS / Glass Lewis

  • Specialized advice and counsel on unique compensation issues related to bankruptcies and out-of-court restructuring, mergers, acquisitions, IPOs, divestitures, changes in accounting rules and SEC disclosure requirements

  • Board member compensation

    • Peer group data analysis

    • Annual cash and equity retainers

    • Committee retainers

    • Non-executive Chairman and Lead Director compensation

    • Equity ownership and holding requirements

    • Special committee retainers

    • Special service fees

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