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Our Firm


LB&Co. was formed in 1988 to succeed the practices of the former firms of its founding partners. LB&Co.'s practice today focuses on executive compensation, corporate governance, human resources management and organization planning. Our work is designed to assist clients in achieving and sustaining significant improvements in performance through enhancing their ability to attract, retain, motivate and reward the executives and professionals who are needed to develop and execute strategic and operational plans and achieve exemplary results.


LB&Co.'s consulting is typically undertaken in behalf of each client's board of directors, its compensation committee and/or another governing body. In order to maintain the firm's standing as independent compensation consultants, once engaged, we do not undertake other consulting assignments for that client without board or committee authorization. While engaged by boards and committees, LB&Co. works collaboratively with management to ensure a commonality of purpose and direction on all projects.

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