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Experience. Expertise. Imaginative solutions. 

Leaders in Executive Compensation & Corporate Governance


Lyons, Benenson & Company Inc. is a leading independent compensation consulting firm
that advises boards of directors and their compensation and governance committees on matters related to executive compensation, board compensation and corporate governance. We work collaboratively with directors and top management to develop compensation solutions that are supportive of each client's goals, objectives and long-term plans.

Our experience, knowledge and expertise, coupled with our objectivity, enable us to develop imaginative, tailored solutions to the compensation issues at hand.  We do this with an intense focus on our clients' needs and an abiding respect for the interests of shareholders.

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& Governance Consultants

Our advice to boards of directors and top management is structured to assist them in achieving and sustaining significant improvements in performance through enhancing their ability to attract, retain, motivate and reward executives and professionals. We ensure that the programs we design adhere to the best practices in executive compensation and corporate governance and the principles inherent in pay-for-performance.


Our work is always undertaken with the interests of shareholders, investors and management in mind. We understand the importance of fair and equitable executive compensation to our clients' success. Our work is aimed at achieving those objectives.

Aligned With
Your Strategy

All compensation plans and programs must be supportive of the client's strategy, financial and operating plans. The compensation programs we develop are structured to link to strategy by motivating behavior, decision making and execution that is consistent with strategic objectives.

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