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Sandhya Johnson

Sandhya Johnson is a Director of LB&Co., where she specializes in leadership and organizational culture services. Prior to joining the firm, Sandhya served as Director of Global Talent Management at a leading global manufacturing organization, where she led the overall strategy, design, and management of global talent programs, planning, policies, and systems, ensuring the organization had the talent to drive the business.

Sandhya is an expert in developing innovative talent strategies and solutions for a diverse group of top organizations across the globe. In addition to being an expert in executive assessment, coaching, leadership development, human capital strategy, and organizational culture, she has led talent and organization development functions for several major corporations.

Her broad-based experience includes all areas of human resources and leadership development across a broad range of industries.

Sandhya has a Ph.D. and MA in organization development from Fielding Graduate University. She also earned an MBA from Oral Roberts University. In addition, she is certified in numerous assessment and development tools. She is also a sought after keynote speaker on organization development, leadership, and HR strategy.

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