Not-For-Profit Executive Compensation

We advise boards of trustees and their compensation committees on many of the same issues that confront for-profit companies. With scrutiny of non-profit executive compensation intensifying, boards of trustees have a duty to ensure that their compensation programs are reasonable and defensible. Our services to not-for-profit boards and compensation committees include:

  • Compensation committee charter preparation and review
  • Executive compensation strategy, philosophy and guiding principles
  • Peer group development
  • Collection and analysis of competitive compensation data including peer group data
  • Processes to ensure "rebuttable presumption" of the reasonableness of compensation under Internal Revenue Code Section 4958
  • Base salary plan development and administration
  • Review of employee benefit levels and perquisites
  • Review of possible use of incentive compensation
  • Employment agreements
  • Severance policies
  • On-going advice and counsel
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